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Whitchurch-Stouffville Eye Doctor/ Optometrist

  • Address:

    15301 Highway 48 Unit 11, Whitchurch-Stouffville, ON, Canada,
    L4A 7X4

    Contact Number:
    (905) 640-1110

  • Business Hours:

    Monday Closed
    Tuesday 10am-6pm
    Wednesday 10am-5pm
    Thursday 10am-6pm
    Friday 10am-4pm
    *After Saturday 10am-2pm
    Sunday Closed
    Also, *closed on long weekend Saturdays

    Monday: Closed
    Tuesday: 10am-6pm
    Wednesday: 10am-5pm
    Thursday: 10am-6pm
    Friday: 10am-4pm
    Saturday: 10am-2pm*
    Sunday: Closed
    *closed on long weekends

Thank you for contacting Reflect Optometry.

Emails and voicemails are not monitored outside of business hours

If this is an ocular emergency and outside of our business hours, please go directly to your local hospital.

Examples of ocular emergencies include:

Eye injury
Sudden onset vision loss
Flashes/floaters/veil over vision
Sudden onset double vision
Sudden onset changes to the size of one pupil
New lid droop
Severe eye pain/redness/light sensitivity
Severe headache

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